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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Hager Energy Storage Systems

Storage: supplying the missing link for renewable energy autonomy

Hager Energy is supporting the UAE’s Sharjah in its quest to build a truly zero-carbon community.

Sharjah, one of the seven Emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is forging ahead with constructing its first fully-integrated and net zero energy community consisting of a total of 1,120 villas. The settlement will be fully supplied with renewable energy, collected from the sun.

Storage is the key
Getting enough sunlight to produce PV energy is not particularly difficult in the region. However, in Sharjah, surplus solar energy cannot be fed into the national grid, a major obstacle to achieving the ambitious climate goals set by the Sharjah Investment and Development Agency (Shurooq).  Without a storage solution which allows the ample energy created by the sun in this area to be stored and distributed on demand, the project would probably be impossible to get off the ground.

Hager provides the technology
We were contacted by Diamond Development, who had been charged with executing this exciting project. They are one of the leading real estate developers in the area, its most famous project being the Sustainable City of Dubai with 500 residential villas and a solar power output of10MWp PV. When Diamond Developers were looking for Sharjah suppliers, they realized Hager Energy’s E3/DC brand offers exactly what they needed: solar home power stations with integrated storage solutions which mean that surplus energy can be stored and used when and where required.

A natural partnership
Even though this was in the middle of the pandemic, and everybody was mostly restricted to working remotely, the Hager Group and Diamond Development teams were quick to engage and soon realised this was a unique opportunity. Sharjah Sustainable City could become the Emirate’s first settlement where all residents’ energy needs were truly met by renewable energy, day and night. Hager Energy, on the other hand would be able to prototype, test and deploy our energy storage system in a real-life context. The invaluable insights which would be gained by both sides and the truly innovative setting in which this collaboration would take place was always going to be of great value to us as a company. 

Memorandum of Understanding
In August 2021,Hager Middle East, Hager Group Corporate Strategy and Diamond Developers duly signed a Memorandum of Understanding confirming that Sharjah Sustainable City would be the first in the region to test giving its residents access to renewable energy storage solutions. We are extremely proud to be working with true early adopters in a region which is known for its innovative spirit.

Putting theory into practice
For the testing phase, we’re also working together with City Solar. The company will be installing the solar panels and the all-in-one storage solution and energy management units which are provided by Hager. We will also train the installers and provide product support. This means that not only will City Solar be able to install the systems, they will also be able to provide ongoing technical support for homeowners or tenants. The product warranties will also be provided by Hager.

Meanwhile, Diamond Developer’s design will include the integration of the storage solutions into the villas. They will also be responsible for the management and day-to-day running of the city.

Facts and figures to aspire to
Sharooq requested the following energy conditions for the city:

• About 5 to 10 kWpPV per villa
• Annual production: 9,000 –20,000 kWh/a
• Daily production: 22 –55 kWh/day
• Grid connection: 19 to 30 kW
• Consumption peak: 12 kW

The pilot testing phase is planned to last for three months during which we will be testing how our systems react to and perform in serious heat conditions outdoor and indoor. This is an added benefit of working in the region: the local climate means we will be operating in an extreme environment which allows us to see how our technology behaves under these challenging circumstances. We will also be learning about all the different possible installation and operating scenarios, allowing us in turn to train our partners for every eventuality.

Happy partners
“Renewable energy is one of the biggest contributors towards achieving net zero carbon”, explained Yousef Ahmed Al-Mutawa, Executive Director of Sharjah Sustainable City. “This partnership with Hager Group will allow us to reach the highest possible energy efficiencies and the lowest energy intensities.” Depending on the pilot’s success, Hager Group expects a sizeable turnover just with this project. We are confident that similar projects will follow around the Middle East, giving rise to fruitful relationships in this exciting region of the world for Hager Group.


Project: Energy Storage Systems
Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

To find out more about Hager Energy solutions, visit www.e3dc.com.

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