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Networked housing

“Smart homes” are a much-discussed topic these days, we actually bring them to life and there are great advantages, provided that they are made ‘smart’ properly.

We think outside the box
With the help of different network components, it is possible to connect and programme household appliances, heating systems and lighting systems, thus allowing home-owners and facility managers to save energy using requirement-based controls. For example, sensors on windows and doors set off alarms if there is a break-in, providing enhanced security. Weather stations calculate in advance how much solar electricity will be produced by roof panels. Intelligent management software knows how much energy the building will need and when, and manages consumption accordingly.

We’re already at home here
Plenty of providers - including some big names - are working on these kinds of ‘smart’ systems but many of them have little experience in the area of building automation. The added value inherent in our solutions lies in the fact that they communicate smoothly with each other plus they are perfectly compatible with each other and our customers’ and partners’ needs. We have 762 experts in our Research and Development teams working on solutions in the area of intelligent building technologies, energy management and energy efficiency. What’s more, for several decades we have been present in many buildings, via our fuse and distribution boards. And it is these very distribution boards that will in future be transformed into intelligent technology control centres where all energy and data will converge.

We’re experienced
As a full-range supplier, we produce all the components needed in an intelligent, intuitive building control system, from technology control centres and door communication systems to alarm systems, heating controls and light switches. The electricians we partner with find our solutions easy to install and users find them easy to operate. This design philosophy will in future be present in all of our products, network components and solutions. It is a key element of our DNA at Hager Group. It’s one of the main reasons why many networked buildings rely on Hager Group technology.

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