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R&D Headquarters Wilmar International (Singapore)

Located at One North Singapore, it combines signature architecture with high quality public realm to create a landmark structure. A landscaped garden setting surrounds the world-class laboratories and office spaces of the project.

The organic form of the building is enhanced by tiered landscape terraces that offer an aesthetic garden view from every office level. Throughout the envelope are glass ribbons for 360-degree views, and horizontal fins for solar shading to keep the building cool.

By utilizing reflective materials extensively, the environment is mirrored and emphasized in order to provide a 'workspace within the landscape'. On the ground floor is a large covered public space with an exhibition center, auditorium, and a café serving as active uses.

A period of three years elapsed between the planning phase and the completion of the project, which occurred between 2018 and 2021. Positive experiences were gained from this project. Hager products were chosen by Wilmar International due to the proactive approach our sales team took towards the electrical company and the presentation of the product range. The interaction was greatly successful and left a lasting impression.

Those who are at Wilmar International will be pleased to learn that this was the first project resulting in a close relationship with Hager, which will continue in the future. Here, the sales team works closely with the electrical company and distribution channels to maximize the chances that we will be able to expand our supplies and services for all upcoming projects in the future.

We were delighted to be a part of this stunning project and look forward to the opportunity to continue working with Wilmar International.


Project: R&D Headquarters (Wilmar International), Singapore
Location: Singapore
Photo Credit: Chuan Xin Engineering Pte Ltd, Eric Parry Architects
Architect: Eric Parry Architects (Award Winning London Architects)
Products and solutions: Hager Wiring Accessories, Hager Isolators, Hager Load Break Switch 



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