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19th July 2017

Retired, but still actively representing Hager Group: the Hager Seniors

The Hager Seniors are a group of more than 50 retired Hager Group employees who have been meeting in Blieskastel on a regular basis since 2008 in order to actively present the company’s corporate culture to the outside world and stay in touch with Hager Group and the Hager family. The Hager Seniors’ schedule also includes frequent excursions: in June, for instance, the group travelled to Mannheim for a day out at the Luisenpark municipal park. An overview of all the events and trips is provided on the  Hager Seniors’ Facebook page.

There is also a working group consisting of twelve members who frequently meet in the offices at the Blieskastel site to coordinate all the group’s activities before they happen. The last time the group came to Blieskastel, we took the opportunity to ask some of the members about their time at Hager Group. Because the people we interviewed hailed from a variety of departments, we were able to gain a comprehensive picture of the early years at Hager Group.

Two of the Hager Seniors, Fritz Wagner and Claus Schmitt, worked in the Sales Promotion department at Hager Group for more than 40 years. As sales promoters, they spent many years introducing Hager's products and services to the market, organising factory visits for clients, and training major clients from the electrical sector in our products; they also attended more than 40 trade fairs a year.

Heinz Untersteller spent 42 years working in Hager Group’s special distribution assembly department, where he started out as one of 240 employees in the former headquarters in Ensheim, Saarland. One of the moments that really sticks in his memory is when his team assembled a switchgear installation for the company for the first time – it was 12 metres long and had a current of 2 x 2500 amperes, and they did it all without any outside help. The switchgear installation is still at the heart of this hall. 

Rolf Reinhard, a former employee in the sales administration department in Blieskastel praised Hager Group for its constant growth in former years: “It was never boring, the company kept evolving and growing.”

Last but not least, we spoke to Hans Bubel, who worked for Hager Group for a whole 50 years. To give us more of an insight in to his area of responsibility in R&D, he showed us around the factory in Blieskastel and explained to us how the production processes work, focusing particularly on how the plastic injection moulding tools tie in with the production facilities. When he started working in Ensheim in 1964, he used to assemble injection moulding tools. Then in 1972, he moved from toolmaking to the design department, where they still used the drawing board at that time. The department got rid of the drawing board in the mid-1980s, and from then on the team worked on computers (CAD).

We would like to say a big “thank you” to all our Hager Seniors, and particularly to Fritz Wagner, the head of the Hager Seniors, who helped us to make this meeting happen.

We wish our Hager Seniors all the best and look forward to seeing you time and time again.

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