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Blieskastel - Germany

Hager Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH Co. KG

The headquarters of Hager Group are in Blieskastel, in the German Saarland. Situated on the river Blies, it is approximately 8 kilometres west of Zweibrücken and 20 kilometres east of Saarbrücken.
It is thought that this baroque town was founded in 1098. It is considered the best preserved baroque architectural ensemble in Southwestern Germany and is one of the former royal residence sites along the touristic Saar-Palatinate Baroque Route. There are a total of 15 districts in the town of Blieskastel, covering a total surface of 108.27 square kilometres. These districts are home to nearly 21,000 people overall. The Blieskastel region also has plenty to offer in terms of its landscape. The town is considered the heart of the Bliesgau biosphere reserve, with sandhill landscapes characterised by expansive orchards, treasured beech forests, species-rich dry grasslands and spectacular meadow landscapes traversed by the river that gave the town its name, the Blies.

Production in Blieskastel (2015):

Number of employees: 1.240

Products & solutions produced:

  • Consumer-units production: New Gamma, Volta APV, Volta UPV, Vision
  • Pre-wired enclosures: TAMC enclosures
  • Enclosures manufacturing: Complete enclosures, Smart metering empty enclosures, Euramis distribution board, FW board flush mounted,  floor standing enclosures, grounded enclosures, Vega D + connection enclosures
  • assembly line for equipped fields
  • assembly line for equipment kits (Block manufacturing) : Univers N equipment kits

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