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28th November 2018

Setting new standards for self-sufficient energy supply

E3/DC, part of Hager Group, has been named Brand of the Century for the second time in a row. The prestigious publication German Standards has once again recognised E3/DC as an exemplary brand in its sector thanks to its home power station. The German Standards editor Florian Langenscheidt presented the award at the book’s launch party on 14th November in Berlin.

Mr. Langenscheidt describes the new edition of the book as “an encyclopaedia of prominent German brands... It shows which companies have set new standards in their field. It’s like talking a walk through our everyday cultural landscape, since most of us grew up with the brands whose background, history, importance and character are described here.”

E3/DC might still be a new brand, however its home power station technology has been setting standards for self-sufficient home energy supply for years, stressed Mr. Langenscheidt as he presented the award. The company was also named Brand of the Century back in 2016. For the people behind E3/DC, it has always been about much more than just providing temporary storage for solar energy. The home power station is an all-in-one own consumption system with a solar inverter, storage battery and energy management function. In October 2018 E3/DC was awarded a European patent, which documents the uniqueness of the storage system and protects the invention in 38 European countries.

The home power station uses smart technology to support integrated energy management of electricity, heating and mobility for both domestic and commercial applications. It means that customers are not only protected from rising energy costs, they also benefit from an emergency power supply from the battery and the solar power unit if there is a power cut.


The PRO series: a new milestone

Florian Langenscheidt believes that a successful brand is one that keeps developing its tried-and-tested technology. As a 2019 Brand of the Century, E3/DC is now presenting its new home power station, the S10 E PRO. The efficient, high-performance PRO series is the only storage system on the market providing a fully electric supply to homes on a large scale. The system allows for the autonomous operation of large heat pumps and also makes it possible to quickly charge electric cars from stored energy. Florian Langenscheidt points out that the company has consistently maintained its pioneering focus on self-sufficiency: “E3/DC’s technology really does make customers independent from electricity suppliers, gas suppliers and petrol stations.”

He points out that the unique performance strength of the PRO series will make it possible to live without fossil fuels and energy costs and this without the need to sacrifice comfort or convenience. He believes that, in addition to all the technological features, what makes the E3/DC brand stand out is the fact that its home power stations can provide people with a high level of security for the future: “The PRO series marks the dawn of a new age in the energy sector – the era of the fully electric home without energy costs has already begun!“

E3/DC’s managing director, Andreas Piepenbrink, considers the Brand of the Century award confirmation that the company is following the right strategy, “…we develop smart systems technology for customers who want an independent energy supply. We continue to focus on the utmost quality, reliability and performance, plus excellent service and genuine innovation. That is what our brand is all about.”


Brand of the Century: the selection process

This year the awards were presented in cooperation with the publishing group ZEIT Verlagsgruppe for the first time. Over the last 15 years the German Standards project has become a leading accolade for outstanding brands that are considered industry-defining by business experts and that have come to be seen by consumers as symbolising an entire product category.

But what makes these brands so special? This year’s Brand of the Century jury worked with ZEIT Verlagsgruppe to develop a new selection process. They followed a set of established rules and ensured that the process was transparent, plausible and well documented at all times.

As a first step, the jury selected relevant brands for each product category. The second step involved rating the brands within the respective product categories. The jury then used an additional scoring system to analyse objective success factors for the brands. Finally, the results and all other important data were set out in a brand document. As well as E3/DC, over 200 other companies from a wide range of sectors received a 2019 Brand of the Century certificate and seal, which identify each of them as a key player in the market.

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