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Simple ideas to help you develop resilience and adapt to change

More than 500 people from around the world followed Caspar Craven’s live talk on 7 May 2020. Caspar, an entrepreneur, manager, yachtsman, father of three and international speaker, has over 30 years’ experience in managing teams and critical situations. 

How can we adapt to this new world? How do we discover new opportunities? And how to maintain your mental health at work and at home? His 30-minute talk covered these questions and introduced us to the “3Rs” method. He shared his experience with sincerity and explained his key tactics to showing resilience and adapting in times of crisis. His talk was followed by 15 minutes of questions and answers, each one more interesting than the last.  
Find the full positive and inspiring talk in video. 


“The species that survive are not the strongest, nor the most intelligent, but those that adapt best to change.”
Charles Darwin 

The “3Rs” method 

1: R is for reactions, or how to react when faced with difficult situations 

  • Stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath to help you manage your emotions and not let them take control 
  • Be resourceful: It’s not the resources you have that are important, but the use you make of them 
  • Think of the formula E + R = C. E is the event; R is the reaction and C is the consequence.  
  • Distinguish between what you can and can’t control. Concentrate solely on what you can control.
  • Remember, you cannot have 27 No. 1 priorities, only focus on one No. 1 priority. 

2: R is for roles, or how to help people find their place 

  • Be open and clarify who does what 
  • Discover your “super powers”: What are your qualities? What do you excel in? What talent is particularly useful to your team? 
  • Ensure that everyone has their place and a role to play 
  • If there is conflict, deal with it immediately and then move on. Remember to stand back, put yourself in the other person’s place and try to understand them 

3: R is for routine or how to remain efficient 

  • Establish a set of rituals to follow every day  
  • Make plans but stay flexible 
  • Set a time slot during the day when you switch off your electronic devices. This will prevent distractions being thrust upon you by social networks and you will be able to concentrate on what’s important to you. 
  • Accept that you will do less than usual and give yourself time to breathe. 

Some extracts from the question-and-answer session  

  • It’s difficult to influence people. But we can nevertheless plant seeds, sow ideas to find other ways of dealing with things and leave people to make their own decisions as to what’s right. 
  • It is important to speak the truth and be honest and transparent about the situations we are facing, both in the workplace and at home.  
  • To maintain links with your colleagues, family and friends, you sometimes have to use your creativity.  
  • Take time to reflect, it can only improve the outcome.  

Many of you asked questions and we have made a note of them. Caspar will be responding to them shortly in an article, so watch the space! 

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