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Sourcing Policy

Our Sourcing Policy

At Hager Group we are honest with others and ourselves.

  • We expect loyalty and integrity from all of the partners involved in our activities and business relations.
  • We emphatically advocate free and fair business, without corruption, extortion, bribery or any form of unfair compensation.
  • Our ethical guidelines stipulate that we must avoid gifts and any other favours in our business relations.
  • We also advocate transparency and openness towards our suppliers. We never disclose confidential information concerning our competitive practices or business relations.

Our Ethical Charter contains our guiding principles for fair and reasonable day-to-day business activities. We require all our suppliers to ensure and promote the most stringent ethical rules of conduct and business practices, as detailed in our Sustainable Development and Ethical Trade Policy.

Hager Group expects its suppliers to apply the same approach to its own suppliers.