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13th February 2017

Stockholm hotel opening: ‘Hobo Hotel’ sets store by Berker R. classic

‘Hobos’ is what they used to call itinerant workers who would wander the length and breadth of the USA looking for a few days or weeks of work on a farm. The urban itinerant workers of our times usually travel with their laptop, charging cable and a weekender bag. And now, a charming hotel is under construction in Stockholm with them in mind, taking its name from the American example. The ‘Hobo Hotel’ has 201 rooms and promises to be an extraordinary new addition to the existing range of hotels in the Swedish capital. The building is designed by Studio Werner Aisslinger and has been fitted with the Berker R.classic switch system, which was also designed by the Berlin architect.

"We want to create an unadulterated travel experience which cosy yet also rugged." says Aisslinger, who has already gained experience in the hotel sector with projects including Hotel Michelberger and the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin (PDF, 5,8 MB). The heart of the hotel is to consist of an open-plan communal area with a co-working space, coffee bar and restaurant with 40 seats.

As was also the case for the 25hours project in Berlin, Aisslinger is once again focussing on local designers and artists here (including graphic designers Karl Grandin and Björn Atldax), as well as urban farming and aquaponics concepts. The hotel is based in a building complex from the 1970s, where work on sister hotel ‘At Six’ is also currently in progress. The 343-room hotel designed by Universal Design Studio (London) also features a range of Berker switches in the form of the Series 1930 system. Both projects are being overseen by the Hager Hotel Key Account Manager Community, which attends to hotel projects all over the world.

The two sister hotels are run by the Nordic Choice hotel chain. The hostels will offer a temporary home for itinerant workers and tourists of all kinds, and they are set to open their doors in May 2017.

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