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22nd March 2017

Tech Days 2017 gave a glimpse of the future

Hager Forum set the scene for over 500 Hager employees at Tech Days 2017 where they discovered and were stimulated by internal projects and external concepts.

This second edition of Hager Group Tech Days in Market Place format, initiated by the Corporate Advanced Engineering and Innovation Services (CAE&IS) department, was under the theme of stimulation. Daniel Hager (CEO) introduced the event underlining the importance of an innovation mindset. Pepper the robot then kicked off the event with Jean Lasserre, CAE&IS Director.She explained that this year Tech Days is to stimulate employees and show them a glimpse of the future. Pepper mingled and was available to ask and answer questions on trends and themes. Many topics were highlighted. The domains of expertise were: Energy, Home Automation, Technologies and Customer Centricity.

Of the 21 Market Place stands, 11 showcased internal innovations and projects, the other 10 were for startups. The themes of the three different conferences were energy - smart & clean - and DC current.

An illustrator was also present; he interviewed participants to find out what they thought about the event in order to represent their ideas graphically. His fresco illustrates visual collective reflections about innovation, trends, energy, technology and more.

“Opportunities like these for colleagues to interact and discover external innovations help boost innovation at the heart of Hager Group,” commented Jean Lasserre, adding “we see that there are already ambitious engineering projects within our group. Colleagues presented great project work proving yet again their ability to innovate and explain their ideas to their peers and other colleagues. The spirit of these two days was really to share, be inspired and stimulated by external concepts that can enrich our own ideas.”

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