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The CE marking

The CE marking is a mandatory conformity mark for all products submitted to one or more European directives concerning security, consumer safety, health or environmental requirements.

Developed for the free circulation of products in Europe, this marking indicates that a product is in conformity with the essential requirements of the European directives.

The manufacturer or the organization that will put the product on the market must certify the conformity with the essential mandatory requirements. It is attested with an EU declaration of conformity and with a technical documentation available for the market surveillance authorities.

EU declaration of conformity

It is a document by which Hager Group certifies that its product is in compliance with the “essential requirements” of the regulations the product is concerned by. With this document Hager Group engages its responsibility.

You can download the EU declarations of conformity of our radio products:

WIFI gateway USB key 90000000  90960001 (PDF, 37 KB)
Remote control 6 channels SK506AX (PDF, 36 KB)
Connected alert bar 1 row 13M  GC131 (PDF, 36 KB)
4 + 4  channel remote control radio SK544AX (PDF, 36 KB)
Connected alert bar 2 rows 13M  GC132 (PDF, 36 KB)
Kallysta PB KNX radio 2f battery WKT302R (PDF, 38 KB)
Connected alert bar 3 rows 13M GC133 (PDF, 36 KB)
Kallysta PB KNX radio 4f battery WKT304R (PDF, 38 KB)
Connected alert bar 4 rows 13M GC134 (PDF, 36 KB)
Kallysta PB KNX radio 6f battery WKT306R (PDF, 38 KB)
SigFox eligibility test tool GC100 (PDF, 37 KB)
Kallysta PB KNX radio 2f solar WKT312R (PDF, 38 KB)
KNX Weather station GPS 75490002 (PDF, 44 KB)
Kallysta PB KNX radio 4f solar WKT314R (PDF, 38 KB)
KNX GPS weather station NE 80490001 (PDF, 44 KB)
Kallysta PB KNX radio 6f solar WKT316R (PDF, 38 KB)
KNX Weather station GPS TG053A (PDF, 40 KB)
Module 2 inputs, FM, mains powered SK201AX (PDF, 35 KB)
Weather sensor for TG051 TG0561 (PDF, 40 KB)
Radio Window contact, KNX, Quicklink TRC301B (PDF, 37 KB)
KNX GPS Weather station NE TXE530 (PDF, 40 KB)
Light/twilight RF sensor, white TRC321B (PDF, 37 KB)
KNX Weather station with simulation fcNE TXE531 (PDF, 40 KB)
HBNet F-QUICKL pocket remote control 2B 85605100 (PDF, 38 KB)
WIFI gateway USB key TKP100A TKH180 (PDF, 35 KB)
HBNet F-QUICKL pocket remote control 4B 85606100 (PDF, 38 KB)
1-fold wall mounted output 10A IP55 53-637N (PDF, 37 KB)
HBNet F-QUICKL pocket remote control 6B 85607100 (PDF, 38 KB)
Output 1-fold 10A,wall mounted,IP55,KNX RTE201 (PDF, 37 KB)
Remote control 6b + channel selector 85608100 (PDF, 38 KB)
Output 2-fold 10A,wall mounted,IP55,KNX RTE202 (PDF, 37 KB)
RF external single push button RTE301 (PDF, 39 KB)
Output 1fold blinds/sh.,wall mounted,KNX RTE221 (PDF, 37 KB)
RF external double push button RTE302 (PDF, 39 KB)
Module 1 output 10A IP55 KNX radio TRE201 (PDF, 37 KB)
RF ext single push button wall mounted SK403AX (PDF, 37 KB)
Module 2 outputs 10A IP55 KNX radio TRE202 (PDF, 37 KB)
RF external double push button SK404AX (PDF, 37 KB)
Module 1 output sh./blind 10A IP55 KNX TRE221 (PDF, 37 KB)
Remote control 6 channels RTU406 (PDF, 38 KB)
FU-SCHA 1F 230V/10A Sß WG AP IP55 85165100 (PDF, 37 KB)
2 x 4 channel KNX, remote control TU444 (PDF, 38 KB)
FU-SCHA 2F 230V/10A Sß WG AP IP55 85166100 (PDF, 37 KB)
Module 2 FM inputs mains powered, KNX RTB302B (PDF, 37 KB)
F-JAL-AKT 1F 10A 1F WG AP IP55 85265100 (PDF, 37 KB)
2 flush mounted inputs mains powered TRB302B (PDF, 37 KB)
Output 1-fold 10A, wall mounted, IP55 SK400AX (PDF, 37 KB)
Funk-Binäreingang 2fach 230 V AC Up 85876200 (PDF, 36 KB)
Output 2-fold 10A, wall mounted, IP55 SK401AX (PDF, 37 KB)
HBNet F-sensorik QUICKL window contact 85801200 (PDF, 39 KB)
Output 1-fold for blinds/sh. 10A,IP55 KNX SK402AX (PDF, 37 KB)
Connected home controller TKP100A (PDF, 39 KB)
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