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6th September 2017

The CJD and Hager Group organise holiday childcare for “Hager MiKids”

For the past five years, the CJD in Homburg and Hager Group have been collaborating to provide summer holiday childcare for children of Hager Group employees from Blieskastel. Once again this year, 18 children between the ages of 5 and 12 spent the last week of the summer holidays with the CJD (Germany’s Christian Association of Youth Villages) in Homburg.

This holiday programme was all about getting lots of exercise and engaging in creative tasks, but first and foremost it was about having fun. The carers organised team games, water competitions and group baking and woodwork sessions in the workshops. The itinerary also included trips to “Gulliver Welt” miniature park and the Dynamikum in Pirmasens.

To complete the week, the children were taken on a guided tour of the Hager Group factory in Blieskastel. They got the chance to see where their parents work and even had the opportunity to make their way over to the machines and try their hand at production. 

The “Hager Seniors” (retired employees of Hager Group) also take part in in project on a voluntary basis, assisting the CJD employees with looking after the children. CJD project manager Fabien Nimsgern thinks the concept is fantastic: “Everyone across the generations has fun and benefits from each other here.”

 “This project originally came into being as the result of a cooperation for trainees,” explains Norbert Litschko, Managing Director of CJD. “And for the past five years, we have been delighted to work with Hager Group during the holidays, too.” The holiday week is also a complete success as far as Isabella Wannemacher is concerned. She helps to organise the childcare on the Hager Group side. “It’s always fantastic to see how smoothly Hager Group and the CJD cooperate with each other in terms of planning and executing the project, even when the staff involved only see each other for this brief time during the year.”

CJD Homburg/Saar gemeinnützige GmbH is a social enterprise with various business units offering a wide range of training, educational and service offers based on the Christian understanding of humanity.

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