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The electrical world of the future is yours to shape

Plan your career and up your skills as an apprentice, intern or trainee at Hager Group.

Being young is fantastic. The world is your oyster, there are so many ways you can plan your future and go about creating a good life for yourself.

Youth, however, also has its tricky sides: are you making the right decisions when it comes to planning your career? At Hager Group, we are keen to offer a variety of exciting and rewarding ways for young people to plan their professional future.

A family affair
As a family business, we always have and always will put people first. Everyone is part of what we have built and key to what we will accomplish in the future. We also know that work should hold meaning, that you want to do something useful which benefits not only you but society as a whole. Why do we know this? Because we feel exactly the same. Our company is not owned by anonymous investors, but by a family who are involved in the running of it to this day. Visit one of our open days in Germany or France to see what we’re all about.

At the annual open day in Obernai, France, young people between 14 and 20 years old and their parents are invited to take a peek inside Hager and gather information about the many ways we support their way forward. We offer an inclusive environment where young people from different backgrounds, origins and genders can succeed equally. We definitely encourage women to discover us. Roxanne and Laura are two of our best apprentices learning to be plastic engineers. They certainly don’t feel lost among many men.

Working and studying at the same time
A popular and challenging path in Germany is known as Duales Studium, a learning path which basically combines work and study. The advantage: you get paid and gather a ton of valuable work experience whilst still a student. A Duales Studium is open to anyone who meets the language requirements for being accepted at a Germany university.  Charlotte Anna, who was unsure at first of what to study, came to us in 2015 for an internship, went on to complete a Duales Studium and after graduating with a masters in 2020 is now working full-time for us in construction.

New to Europe? We are very proud of some of our special apprentices/students, who have overcome great adversity to get to where they are now. One of them is Iman Houro, who had a difficult time after she arrived in Germany as a refugee from Syria in 2015. Not one to be bowed down easily, she’s since mastered the language, finished school and is now, just like Charlotte was, still with us and engaged in a Duales Studium.

A special community
(Trainee Apprentice Intern) community is unique among our competitors. More than 300 participants in France and Germany and Poland  have so far benefited  from this intense exchange and support for those who join us.  To keep communication and exchange open and active, we regularly hold meetings between interns and apprentices and their internal tutors. Our TAI country and team leaders might organise a morning together or an evening after work where everyone can mingle, exchange experience and ideas and get inspired.

Having started as an intern or an apprentice, it’s quite common to strive for more after a while. Internationally, many young people at Hager Group are going this way. The Hager College Programme in China was initiated in 2014 after intensive research and preparation from our side. The selected young participants are at the start of their careers – what matters is dedication, enthusiasm and hard work. “It’s great to be able to realise my college dream at Hager. I’m so grateful for this opportunity”, says one happy graduate.

Get in touch
Contact us to find out more about Hager Group opportunities for pupils, students and young professionals in your area. Join our family business - let’s grow together and be part of shaping tomorrow’s electrical world!

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