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16th February 2017

The Peter und Luise Hager Foundation welcomes new Perspectiva III participants

On 7th and 8th January 2017, the ‘Welcome Weekend’ took place for Perspectiva III participants. This year, 17 participants were chosen out of almost 500 applicants for the programme, which helps young people gain work experience in Germany.

The aim of the weekend was to get to know Saarbrücken, the state capital of Saarland, and to share their early experiences in Germany. On Sunday, all of the participants met for brunch and a walk in Saarbrücken’s old town to discover their new “homeland”. As a welcome gift, the participants each received a bag filled with apples, cheese, juice and everything else necessary for their first few days in Germany.

In the two months before the start of the placement, the participants started a German course in order to broaden their language skills and reach at least level B1. After that, on 9th January 2017, they began the 6-12 month placement in German companies. Alongside the work experience, the Spanish participants also continue to attend German courses, in order to improve their language skills. To get a deeper understanding of German culture and to promote integration, trainees also have the opportunity to find accommodation with a host family.

The Perspectiva III project by the Peter und Luise Hager Foundation is targeted at young people from Spain aged between 18 and 28 who are looking for work, have no job prospects in Spain and would like to gain experience at a company in Germany. To take part in the programme, participants must have completed professional training or studies and have a good knowledge of German (at least level A2).

After the placement, the young Spaniards are supported by the Peter und Luise Hager Foundation in looking for jobs. Evi Hager, Chair of the Management Board at the Foundation explains, “After completing the placement, we help them with job applications if they are not taken on by the companies. We have a fantastically high success rate, with 98% of participants finding a job either here or in Spain because of their experience.”

In addition to professional support, the foundation also looks after participants in their spare time by organising trips and provides support in overcoming bureaucratic hurdles. For example, every month, an activity is planned for all of the participants – at the last meeting, on 28th January 2017, they played laser-tag. Then they had dinner together at a South American restaurant in Saarbrücken.

Learn more about the Peter und Luise Hager Foundation here.


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