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Three countries, three examples of solidarity

Three actions imagined in the urgency of the Covid-19 time 

Exceptional situations, extraordinary reactions. In response to health emergencies in many countries with donations of equipment (read more), Hager Group employees have also distinguished themselves by their reactivity, pragmatism and solidarity in the three examples we report in this article. Three actions imagined in the urgency of the time and orchestrated with brio, each in its own category. 

Speed category: China
At the end of January, in Huoshenshan and Lei Shenshan in Wuhan province, two emergency hospitals were built in 10-12 days. Less than 24 hours after construction of the hospital began, an emergency task force was set up at Hager. 

The objective? Send donations to the new hospital so that it would be equipped as soon as it opened. In addition to the medical protection equipment, 100 moulded cases (MCB) and 2000 circuit breakers (MCCB) they were transported directly from our stock in Guangdong to the province of Wuhan, a thousand kilometres away. 

Adaptability category: Poland
Every year we support local medical institutions: Hospice and Centre for Disabled Children based in Tychy as well as Silesian Centre of Heart disease in Zabrze. In relation to the coronavirus, our employees have adapted their assistance to the needs expressed by the institutions: protection equipment and disinfectant gels have been delivered to them.

In an attempt to engage more closely with the local community, the employees decided to support two additional hospitals, the Tychy Hospital and the one in Poznań, near Berker Poland factory. These facilities, which are specifically dedicated to Covid-19 patients, have received 83 special communication devices to enable people in hospital isolation rooms to communicate with the outside world. 

Customer-oriented category: Great Britain
In March, the National Health Service in England announced the building of seven temporary Nightingale hospitals, providing a total of over 7,600 beds, with each project completed from start to finish in less than two weeks. For the Nightingale Cardiff project, the supplier initially selected could not provide sockets in time.

However, 3,000 of these specific sockets were available within our stock in Telford: We opened the warehouses on a public holiday to provide the Hager sockets as quickly as possible and support the fight against Covid-19. Agility and customer focus enabled us to react and support the delivery.

These initiatives embody the Hager Group values of authenticity, courage and integrity, while strengthening our ties with the local communities where we operate. In addition, sharing good ideas allows us to replicate them elsewhere and thus increase Hager Group's positive impact on the world. Thank you to everyone involved.


Photo © dpa Picture-Alliance

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