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Villa Westling (Stockholm, Sweden)

A special residential project for a world-leading architect.

“We wanted to build a one of a kind villa in the Nordics. This style and level of interior detail and finish you can see in Los Angeles or southern Europe, but rarely in Sweden, and exotic marbles contribute to the feeling of being abroad. We want the house to take you on a journey when you enter, and by the comments of everyone visiting we have accomplished that mission.”
Benjamin Calleja Westling, Owner, designer, architect. Villa Westling, Stockholm.

A tailormade project
It’s not every day that a project like this comes along – an ultra-modern home that requires almost 100% tailormade solutions and where the customer, Mr. Benjamin Calleja, is also the owner, architect and designer. From the outset, Benjamin wanted a partner who could “push the boundaries of what could be done”, and we’re happy to say this was a major factor in his decision to choose Hager.

This was always going to be a project that the installers and Hager planners would learn a great deal from and it’s safe to say there was a deep appreciation of the job on all sides. With a job of such complexity, listening very carefully to understand his needs was crucial to working efficiently and easily together. This care and attention led to a seamless partnership; from the pre-planning stage to the present, to the magnificent outcome that our Swedish partners can be very proud of.

Some standout features
The fact that he is world-renowned for his work just adds to the stature of this project but this also meant that Benjamin knew precisely what he wanted – to experiment and test the flexibility of new ideas to the limit. The importance of lighting, which he feels and we agree, is sometimes underestimated and this was given top priority to literally ‘highlight’ the beauty of the Villa Westling’s many angles and profiles. We also wanted to install a controllable lighting that elevates the noble materials, artworks, surfaces and passages but also the exteriors for dramatic night visuals.

Berker Q.3, combined with Manufaktur, allowed us to deliver a spectacular, tailormade smart lighting solution (including the addition of icons on the boxes with texts) with different elements and colours all over the house, to blend in seamlessly exactly as requested. In terms of function, each switch is intuitive. Benjamin explains it well:

We wanted to have a clear communication in English with the right light scenes in every room. It is important that beyond being able to manage and control the house through app and tablet, the actual switches are clear and easy to use for friends and visiting family that might not have access to our level of controls.”

Total control
The house is equipped with cutting-edge technology throughout, as Benjamin points out: “The distribution room looks more like what you’d find in a hotel than a house.”

But there was a need for this. With different loads needed for the extensive range of hi-tech equipment being serviced in the home – a lot of cabling was required. In addition to the usual appliances, there’s a heated outdoor pool, fireplaces with igniters on terraces, a cinema and a garage that doubles as a gym (requiring powerful ventilation) and LED lighting throughout the house and outside on the terrace and garden, permitting the creation of tasteful and stylish ambiances

Sustainability in mind
Having chosen Flow, extra protection and control allows the owner to safeguard such a quantity of expensive equipment and give control over consumption to keep costs and emissions low. Looking forward to a future of where all transport will be electric, 3 witty chargers were installed in the garage and although not mandatory in Sweden, surge protection devices (SPDs) are where they need to be, ensuring peace of mind all year round. 

Villa Westling is a reference project where all the elements of customer-centricity, reliability and ingenuity combined for an exotic success!


Project: Villa Westling
Location: Viggbyholm, Stockholm 
Products & solutions: - Q.3 Manufaktur switches, - sockets, - ACT thermostats, - Witty charger, - Flow, - KNX/Dali, - Earth fault circuit breaker, - Circuit breakers, - PSA, - AFDD, - Surge protection, - Enclosures
Construction time: 9 month
Number of rooms: 18
Total area: 904m2
Property owners: Benjamin Westling and Patricia Ramos
Electrical contractor: Elektroshields
Architect: Benjamin Westling
Interior designer: Patricia Ramos



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