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WeberHaus (Rheinau, Germany)

WeberHaus, is a company specialised in prefabricated buildings which have perfectly combined carefully considered architecture, with intelligent building control, in their new show home.

With British architect Nick Blunt (Urbancurve Architects) and interior design studio Geplan Design from Stuttgart, WeberHaus created a private villa that impressively demonstrates just what can be achieved using modern prefabricated buildings. Visitors to the WeberHaus World of Living, a building and adventure park situated in the Linx district of Rheinau (Germany) can discover a property that exudes pure luxury throughout its 335 m2 of accommodation.

Hager drew upon its wide expertise to complete this project, deploying versatile and comprehensive solutions and products from the Hager, Berker and Elcom brands, winning over the customer with our quality, functionality and design.

Domovea: Intelligent building and Voice Control
This modern building contains a variety of controllable and smart elements and even the smallest details of the concept have been carefully considered. With domovea, Hager's KNX Smart Home solution is being implemented into a WeberHaus for the first time, meaning that all the barriers of automation to the building have been removed, and all controllable home automation elements have been collated into one system. Hager's domovea app provides a decentralised solution for accessing all functions. Voice control is now also available via the Alexa voice assistant.

Future residents can also control the extensive functions of the intelligent building control system via a smartwatch, in addition to smartphones or tablets. domovea expert also features a two-day weather forecast and can react to current weather conditions by, for example, automatically closing the blinds on a hot summer's day. In addition, various home functions such as lighting, heating or blinds can be controlled via the integrated KNX Touch Control wall control devices by Berker, which feature a TFT display (Thin Film Transistor-Display).

Shapes, colours, materials:
Consistent, timeless elegance… as though everything was made from one piece!

This is an architect-designed house that leaves you wanting for nothing, featuring a spa area, walk-in wardrobes, underfloor heating and hidden storage spaces. On top of all this, the property is fitted out with the highest-quality equipment, furniture and products from renowned manufacturers, as well as fine decorative details. The expertly selected interior design is intended as a continuation of the architect's vision, which extends to the decision to use the Berker K.5 switch range, thanks to its timeless design. These switches have a captivating appearance, featuring a rectangular silhouette and angular contour, as well as a restrained and linear design. The fully anodised aluminium construction and matt finish of the switches and sockets allows them to blend seamlessly into the house's stylish ambience. The Berker B.IQ push-buttons, also in anodised aluminium, adhere to the architectural principles in the exact same way.

Tailor-made solutions from Hager Manufaktur
The custom-made Elcom Steele from Hager Manufaktur is perfectly matched to the architectural concept of the house and welcomes visitors at the perimeter of this unique architect-designed house. The stainless steel letter box column with a height of 2.30 m, combines minimalist design with sophisticated technology. For example, the temperature-controlled camera module with scratch-resistant cover and integrated heating ensures a clear image in any weather. Whether at home or out and about, the domovea app allows residents to control their home securely and conveniently at any time.

The ultra-comfortable living experience is the result of a great deal of large and small details that have been brought to life by WeberHaus. The carefully considered architectural concept is harmoniously carried through to the interior fixtures and fittings, and is complemented by the overall package supplied by Hager.


Project: WeberHaus
Location: Rheinau (Germany)
Architect: Nick Blunt (Urbancurve Architekten) 
Interior Design: Studio Geplan Design from Stuttgart
Electrical design and installation: Weber­Haus GmbH & Co. KG
Products and solutions: - Berker KNX Touch Control, - Berker K.5 switch range, -  Berker B.IQ push-buttons, - domovea expert



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