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Why Hager Forum

“Innovation does not happen accidentally”

Hager Group was celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2015, looking back at a history marked by many milestones and successes. This is not least due to the fact that the company has always clearly defined its values and has never lacked the courage to innovate. The first Forum, built in 1992 on the historic site already Obernai, Alsace, had greatly contributed to the development of the company. A concept that has proven itself and that has been adapted to the requirements of the 21st century through the Hager Forum project, inaugurated this year.

A catalyst, Hager Forum continues to serve as a space for encounters and exchanges, for knowledge transfer and development of competences.

This enables and drives a business culture focusing on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit at all organisational levels and on the continuous development of Hager Group brand. Daniel Hager summarises his view of the drivers behind Hager Forum as follows: “It is a new chapter in our history that all of us are writing together with our employees, customers and visitors. Hager Forum is our response to the necessity of having to adapt our ways of working to the challenges of the future, to perform and deliver even more successfully: more collaboration and more networking. We must continue to innovate if we want to be prepared for the challenges of the future and if we want to be able to access new markets – and that applies to how we present ourselves, to our products and to our worldwide image.”

To learn more about Hager Forum, please visit hagergroup.com/hagerforum.

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