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Hager Group New Year Card 2021

Rolf Saint-Agnès Unplugged

A giraffe to mark the end of the year? Almost certainly as unusual as the year 2020 itself.

In 2019, Hager Group commissioned the artist Rolf Saint-Agnès to design a 180m2  fresco in the administration building in Obernai France. Who would have guessed that the artist would be working under such unusual corona virus conditions to complete this work of art by July 2020. This "unplugged" work of art has not only transformed our building, it also transforms and transports us. Rolf Saint-Agnès’ pop art animals create a good positive vibe. 

2020 was a challenging year for many of us. We hope that with this card some of the good pop art vibes and positivity will rub off on you -  our customers, partners and friends. Unplugged encourages us to let go, smile, live and feel the moment. The end of year holidays are the a perfect opportunity to do this.

About Rolf Saint-Agnès

Rolf Saint-Agnès started painting when he took a bite of the big apple. 
In 1991, Rolf Saint-Agnès moved to New York where, stimulated by the energy and vibrancy of the city, he started portraying street visions and imaginary scenes in bright colours outlined with black lines. His art has progressed through many stages since then and includes a less graphic, more surreal period during which he focused more on nature while living alone in a cabin in northern California. That experience broadened his palette and enriched his vision of things.
Now he gets his inspiration mostly from traveling, and also from current events. He has gone back to using bright colours and black lines and whether he depicts animals, trees, portraits or monuments, his graphic style expresses things with force and always in a positive light.
Over the years Rolf has affirmed his identity as a painter and been commissioned by several companies and private collectors to produce various works, like the one for Hager Group.  More information on:  www.rolfsaintagnes.com 

A huge 180m² fresco in Obernai, representing the values of Hager Group through colourful animals.
In Summer 2020, Daniel Hager put the finishing touches to this 180m² work with Rolf Saint Agnes standing by. Together, they hung a 2-metre "giant drop" made of resin at the top of the fresco, this "drop" is the artist's trademark and can be found in almost all his creations

Discover the interview below in which he explains this work and gives his vision.


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