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The combined skills and dedication of our employees make us who we are. We offer an inspiring environment for everyone to fulfil their potential. 

For us, the development of our employees is an indispensable condition for the business to develop. This is why our employees are at the heart of our  sustainability  journey

Franck Houdebert, Chief Human Resources Officer

Employees – a critical piece of the sustainability puzzle 

Recruiting and retaining talent is one of the great challenges of businesses today. For us, a sustainable business is only possible if we can attract the right people who feel welcome and able to fulfil their potential at Hager Group. Without future generations excited to work for us, there can be no future business, no sustainable development. 

The skills needed in our industry are sometimes so specialised that we encourage our more experienced colleagues to coach and teach newcomers in house. In general, we see our company as a cross-generational endeavour, much like a family. 

Our business thrives on curiosity and courage. With lifelong learning opportunities and opportunities to build a meaningful career we’re offering our employees the ideal basis from which to fully engage in a long-term and fruitful mutual relationship with our company. 

It goes without saying that diversity and inclusion and equal opportunities are part and parcel ofour recruitment policies. 

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