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We are promoting diversity

In an interconnected world, success often boils down to human diversity. In our company, this diversity gives rise to an entire spectrum of talent, experience and perspectives. Diversity thus plays a significant role when it comes to innovative strength and strategic foresight. It ensures well-rounded decisions, fresh ideas and new perspectives that Hager Group can harness to tap into new growth potential.

With over 70 nationalities and a huge range of cultural backgrounds, languages and lifestyles, we already boast a highly diverse workforce. Our first Diversity Manager was appointed in 2012 and in order to underline our commitment to non-discrimination in all its forms, Hager France signed the Diversity Charter, alongside 3900 companies, in January 2019.

As a corporate challenge, we approach Diversity from four different angles:

Multicultural approach

For us the term multicultural stands for the coexistence of several cultures within the same organisation. Today, at Hager Group, many different cultures and 71 nationalities work together. This is a valuable asset, which allows our company to share different perspectives, offer varied experiences and develop new synergies.
In order to accelerate and support our international development, it is crucial that we further improve our understanding of these different cultures.
To support this, our training catalogue offers all employees, from production to executive teams, training and awareness sessions on different cultures, for example with trainings such as "Succeeding in an international context Focus France / Germany".

Real life experiences such as our project Perspectiva, sponsored and managed by Peter-und-Luise-Hager Foundation, contribute to broadening the cultural and professional horizons of young people and enrich our teams. After three successful editions in Germany, in which Hager Group and partner companies welcomed Spanish graduates for six-month internships, Perspectiva crossed oceans. Now, graduates from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, disembark in Alsace, France, for a life-changing opportunity. Aside from internships, Perspectiva also offers the students language lessons and initiatives to become familiar with the European job market as well as the local culture.

“Having Ismael as an intern was an extraordinary experience that allowed me to grow professionally and personally. Thanks to him I rediscovered the company because his eyes were young and critical, and he was always eager to learn and willing to share his experiences from another part of the world.” explains  Ana-Maria Arteaga, former Young Talents and Universities Relations Manager.

The discovery of different cultures is also part of our daily life at Hager Group, through actions organised on a regular basis, such as the Chinese New Year's Day celebrated in France, the Mid Term Review of teams in Dubai in traditional costumes, or  theme weeks at company restaurants.

What are the benefits of multiculturalism for our competitiveness?

  • adapting more easily to new environments
  • a more sensible and sustainable international presence
  • greater capacity for innovation and creativity in increasingly diverse teams
Gender balance

Through this commitment, we seek to ensure that employees of all sexes enjoy equal opportunities for development, training and progress. Our development policy supports our gender equality ambitions. 

Our commitment starts long before women actually join Hager Group. Our HR talent teams cooperate closely with schools and universities to inspire more girls and young women to choose career paths in our industry.

When recruiting and promoting, special attention is paid to female candidates provided equal competencies and qualification. Internally, we track the percentage of women in middle and senior management and expert positions. Annual objectives to increase this percentage are a global corporate standard.

Since 2017, when!, our network for the professional and personal development of women offers additional support to female colleagues. The employee initiative, sponsored by Daniel Hager himself, offers inspiration, the sharing of experience, and solidarity at Hager Group; a real opportunity for women to network and grow.

Elisabeth Lux, Sales Administration Manager, shares her experience as a member of when!:
“It’s a great opportunity to meet people, it opens doors and minds. It also contributes to the transformation of Hager Group, as its members dare to speak up, offer ideas and get more involved.”

What are the benefits of gender diversity for our competitiveness?

  • proven effectiveness of mixed teams - complementary management
  • an asset for attracting and retaining existing talent and potential co-workers
  • a richer and more complete employee development policy

Integration of handicapped employees

Integration of handicapped employees.
Disability is a broad term that includes all forms of physical, sensory, mental, intellectual and cognitive impairment. It also covers various types of chronic disease and unseen disabilities. It can be permanent or temporary. Disability is a habitual facet of the human condition, which can affect anyone, whatever their age.

For Hager Group, disability does not mean inability, but rather a different kind of ability. This definition, which is true to our values, underlies the various actions we undertake to raise awareness about disability among our teams and enables us to help our employees with disabilities to follow their personal and professional development.

Hager Group supports internal and external partnerships with initiatives that further disabled people. For example, a skill-based sponsorship project has been set up with the French association Arche to help finance a new residence for people with disabilities. Our partnership with AfB in France and Germany makes it possible to recycle all of our used IT equipment. This non-profit company employs nearly 50% of people with disabilities. Every year, Hager France also participates in the International Day of Disabilities, and organises activities to raise awareness of disability.

What are the benefits of inclusion of disabilities for our competitiveness?

  • direct link to our "building automation" product range, AAL (Ambient Assisted Living)
  • a source of fresh talent
  • increased proximity to disability-related communities around us
Inter-generational approach

Generally speaking, the term "intergenerational" describes a situation in which several age groups coexist within the same organisation. In business, it also includes the length of service of the various employees working in a company or within a team. Employee expectations do change from one generation to another, therefore management styles must adapt to allow for everyone to find their own place and thrive in their work environment. This is what we are looking for to highlight and develop through our actions in this area.

We take our social responsibility regarding this aspect of diversity very seriously, as illustrated by the launch of our own tooling school in 2013 already. Its purpose is to provide in-house training in the tooling industry, in response to the shortage of this type of qualified workforce on the labour market. Hager Group also welcomes hundreds of interns and apprentices every year, whom we train and support to enter professional life. The "Young Talents Day" program is another example – we open our French sites to aspiring male and female engineers in order to especially promote the role of women in engineering.

What are the benefits of inter-generational approach for our competitiveness?

  • developing individual skills
  • sharing and transferring knowledge and know-how
  • helping our employees to develop on a personal and a professional level

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