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Terms and Conditions – Hager Group Online predicition game

For legal purposes the German version must be used. The German version has been translated into English as a linguistic reference only to facilitate comprehension, and cannot be used in a court of law.

The game can be found on Hager Group website ( http://www.hagergroup.com/game) as well as on Hager Group’s Facebook fan page ( http://www.facebook.com/hagergroup) under the tab “Online prediction game”.

The following entry conditions must be accepted upon registration by everyone wishing to take part in the game. The entry conditions provide information on the how to be in with a chance of winning a prize, as well as relevant time frames and exclusion criteria.

1. Hager SE (hereinafter: “Hager Group”) shall host the “Hager Group Online prediction game” (hereinafter: “prediction game”) from 31th May 2021 to 11th July 2021.

2. All Hager Group fans who are of legal age are eligible to take part (worldwide). Participation using automated competition entry services or prize-competition clubs is not permitted.

3. You may take part via Hager Group website (www.hagergroup.com/game) or via Hager Group Facebook page.

4. Participation via Facebook: anyone who (i) has a Facebook account, (ii) has “liked” Hager Group fan page on Facebook, (iii) has submitted a correct and complete prediction game registration form and (iv) has accepted these entry conditions and the data protection provisions shall be eligible to take part. No costs shall be incurred for taking part in the prediction game. Participation is by no means dependent on the purchase of goods or the utilisation of services.

5. Game mechanics:
The prediction game takes place from 31th May 2021 to 11th July 2021 inclusive. In this period of time you can make predictions and create / manage playgroups.

Scoring system:
Participants who correctly predict the ‘post penalty shoot-out’ score receive 3 points. 1 point is awarded for predicting the right tendency (correct winner or draw). In addition, there is the possibility to answer extra questions to gain additional points.

- Who will be the winning team? (5 points)
- Who will be the runner-up? (3 points)
- Which team has the top scoring player? (3 points)

This extra question can be answered from 24th June 2021 to  6 p.m. on 26th June 2021 (GMT+1)
- Which teams will play in the semifinals? (1 point for each correct team prediction)

Playing in groups:
You also have the possibility to create your own group. The creator of the group is its administrator and is allowed to send invitations to join their group via email. If further invited people join the group, you will be able to see their predictions and the results of all group members. Only one prediction per match is possible for the groups. Any individual predictions will be transferred to the group as a whole and be considered as one prediction, different predictions are not allowed.
Concerning the groups, their placement has no impact on the main prize; it can only be won by an individual player. Only groups with a minimum of 3 participants are shown in the ranking.

6. Predictions may be made either for all matches at once or individually for specific matches and must be saved no later than one hour before kick-off.

Predictions for the round of 16 can be made from 24th June 2021 (8 a.m.) (GMT+1).
Predictions for the quarter-finals can be made from 30th June 2021 (8 a.m.) (GMT+1).
Predictions for the semi-finals can be made from 4th July 2021 (8 a.m.) (GMT+1).
Predictions for the finals can be made from 8th July 2021, (8 a.m.) (GMT+1).

7. The participant with the most points shall win a Nintendo Switch - grau (2020 Edition) including FIFA 21 next level edition. The runner-up will win a Xbox Series S in Bundle with a Fifa 21 downloadcode. 3rd – 5th prize is an original football of this year’s championship. In case of a tie where several winning participants have the same score, the prize winner’s name will be randomly drawn from this selection.

Also at the end of the operation, a new iPad will be put into play and the winner will be chosen by random draw from among all the players who have signed up to our Hager Group newsletter and confirmed their registration. Each participant who has registered for the newsletter will automatically participate in the draw and therefore accepts the terms of this competition.

The winners shall be informed in good time using the contact details provided upon entering the competition (email address). The winners must confirm receipt of the prize notification without delay and shall provide any further information requested by Hager Group. If no confirmation is received five (5) working days after the date of notification, Hager Group reserves the right to determine a new winner.

8. Hager Group accepts no liability for goods damaged in transport. The shipping of prizes is undertaken at the expense of Hager Group. Prizes may be shipped internationally.

9. Hager Group expressly reserves the right to disqualify or eliminate participants who fail to comply with the competition rules, or who influence or attempt to influence the competition.

10. Upon accepting the entry conditions, all participants agree to Hager Group publishing their first and last names on Hager Group website should they win a prize.

11. Personal details provided upon entering the competition shall be exclusively used by Hager Group in order to hold and process the prediction game. Participants expressly agree to such data being transmitted and stored for this purpose.

12. Hager Group retains the right to suspend temporarily or terminate the competition should unforeseen obstacles arise for which Hager Group cannot be held responsible and which cannot be resolved using reasonable effort and expense.

13. By taking part in the prediction game, every participant accepts these entry conditions. All decisions are final. Prizes may not be awarded as cash payouts.

This prediction game is not organised or sponsored by Facebook. Any information and data made available by the participant shall be used by Hager Group purely to host the prediction game. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the prediction game are not to be sent to Facebook, but to Hager Group in its capacity as promoter of the prediction game. Please see Facebook’s Data Use Policy (http://facebook.com/about/privacy) for information on how Facebook stores and uses participants’ data.

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