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Rediscover all the videos of our conferences and past Trend Sessions. Through these, our experts give you a good dose of knowledge and inspiration for the future.

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Artificial intelligence for humans

„Best conference ever!“ During his talk on 15.11.2018 at Hager Forum, Daniel Hulme, our guest and expert in artificial intelligence (AI), took the audience on a journey to the world of artificial intelligence with his optimistic and lively style. Daniel succeeded in explaining this bewildering topic simply and effectively. 

The circular economy: a model for the future?

On September 28, Leo Johnson, our guest expert on sustainable development, projected his audience into the future at Trend Session #7 using four different economic models - exponential technologies, linear, post-linear and circular.

Good Business, A choice between profits and integrity?

Roger Steare, The Corporate Philosopher, had already told us about it. It's not so much a conference as a conversation. Hager Forum has never lived up to its name so well! In business, do we have to choose between profits and integrity? What attitude should we adopt in the face of an ethical dilemma? What social and environmental impacts can arise from our personal and professional choices?

It is not impossible...

“Failure is definitely an option!” A suspenseful and inspiring talk! The first woman to conquer Mount Everest, Cathy O’Dowd shares her experiences as an adventurer, as well as the skills required to achieve the impossible. She draws clear parallels between her experiences and the project management skills needed in corporate life.

Eight major changes on the horizon Watch

Navigating through complexity, decoding our future; these are some of the many challenges we are facing. Major emerging trends are leading us into the future. What will be the expectations of the stakeholders of tomorrow? What will be the right balance between value and values for businesses? How can we become the drivers of the changes that are coming?

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

While for Jamie Woodruff it is beyond any doubt that every company will get hacked in the next five years, he agrees with Jessica Baker that "Individuals are the central element of cybersecurity". Both speakers shared key insights for increasing vigilance and protecting our personal and professional data.

The Blockchain revolution

Some call it the most important invention since the internet: Blockchain is a way of cutting out intermediaries when exchanging funds on the net. As a stand-alone model, it is based on the principles of transparency, trust and decentralisation.

Company culture in the 21st century, agility through the people

What change should be made to company culture to move from the 20th Century industrial model into the 21st Century: to become more cooperative and project-oriented? What contexts and challenges do companies face?

“Generations at work: Reinventing the company”

Emmanuelle Duez, co- founder of The Boson Project, lifts the lid on the motivations driving the new generations and proposes innovative solutions to reconcile work, fulfillment and well-being. “We are at the end of a (corporate) model, we must reinvent one!”.

“Close your eyes to see more”

Eric Brun-Sanglard, who went blind aged 32, is now one of the most popular interior designers in the United States. He interprets space, materials and energies from a personal perspective. He receives requests from individuals, industry and prestigious teaching establishments to contribute his “augmented vision” which he makes available to users to increase their well-being.

“Love can do, how to transform learning?”

Knowledge is by far the most essential economic resource.” Idriss Aberkane, international consultant and speaker, takes us into the fascinating world of the economics of knowledge. What are the wonderful consequences of his approach?

“The future of work”

How new management styles, technologies and social innovations could transform the way we work in factories and offices.

Smart home, how did our homes become smart?

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, our visiting expert on the Internet of Things, presented the key developments in our living places as we move towards smart homes during the April 4th 2019 conference at Hager Forum.
Hager has been present in the smart home market for 20 years, therefore this is one of its strategic business areas.

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