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Four reasons to follow Hager Forum in 2019


In 2019 Hager Forum will have been open for four years: the ideal moment to build on or roll out certain activities, such as live conference broadcasts, reorienting its editorial line with a new website and exploring new themes while continuing in its role identifying societal or technological trends. Want to explore the future? Welcome to Hager Forum! 

The years go by and are not alike. In 2019, we have three important developments in store for you and (at least) six appointments that are not to be missed. There will be something for everyone! Here are four reasons to follow us for our fourth anniversary:

  1. We will be reinforcing our positioning as pioneers and opening up even more to the world
    Our participants are unanimous: Hager Forum stands out for its events, punctuated by inspiring conferences, broadcast online. We want even more people to be able to enjoy these. That is why this year we will work even harder to choose topics that can interest not only our employees, but also our partners and customers, here and in all the countries in which Hager Group is present. We hope to make these moments a special opportunity to meet, reflect and exchange with colleagues, our partners and our customers, on site or remotely, throughout the world. 
  2. We target captivating and relevant themes
    We will deal mainly with these four major themes: energy and electricity, science and technology, living and working spaces, business and society.
    Through our contributors, we will explore the future via our online content that is accessible to everyone (talks, articles, interviews, etc.)
  3. We are further developing the internet experience
    You will have noticed that our website has a new look: now you can discover what is in store but also browse through themes to learn more about them. Since Hager Forum must be on the cutting edge and should always offer more to explore, we will redouble our efforts to feed the website with inspiring, informative and useful content. Explore the future of our companies and the business world through our unique content!

  4. Save the dates
    Please take note of the most important dates.


Talk: Smart home, how did our homes become smart?


Hager Forum is four years old.


Musical concert at the Obernai Music Festival.


Trend Session #8: the energy transition (livestreamed).


Trend Session #9: the future of architecture (livestreamed).

See you soon!

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