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04.07.2017: Hager Forum celebrates its 2-year anniversary. Detail of the roof construction.
04.07.2017: Hager Forum celebrates its 2-year anniversary. View of the entrance area.
04.07.2017: Hager Forum celebrates its 2-year anniversary. View of the entrance area.

Obernai, 4 July 2017

Hager Forum celebrates its second birthday

After two years of existence, Hager Forum is on the up and up

Hager Forum was officially opened two years ago. Hager Forum is a showcase for the identity and know-how of the Hager Group. Lying at the heart of its largest industrial site, it was created to reinvent the way Hager Group interacts with its community and with the world: in a more collaborative and interconnected way, while being a genuine living space, a catalyst for change and innovation. Daniel Hager, Chairman of Hager Group Management Board, concluded his opening speech with this invitation: "It's up to us to breathe life into it and make it our Forum.". Two years later, job done?

A place with a high attendance
Here are some figures to give an initial idea: since 4th July 2015, approximately 30,000 people have taken part in one of the 500 visits or one of the 115 events held at Hager Forum. 40% of the customers who came to discover the company and what it had to offer in 2016 were from France, 20% from Germany and 40% from the rest of the world. The events, organised by Hager Forum or by the Hager Group’s departments (human resources, corporate communications, innovation), attracted close to 20,000 people. Moreover, countless employees use Hager Forum every day for meetings or cutting-edge technological training. Finally, as Hager Forum is also a place for informal meetings and exchanges, the more than 400 coffees consumed each day in the Spark cafeteria testify to the employees' attachment to this place for informal and/or co-working meetups.

Promoting innovation and enterprise
Hager Forum offers a wide range of events that embody and instil innovation, knowledge sharing and enterprise at all levels of the organisation: Trend Sessions, Creativity Week, Positive Impact Week, all of which are aimed at employees and are increasingly open to the world. "Our ambition as a 'catalyst for change' is to inspire and foster new ways of seeing things and new practices within the group, but also to forge a strong working relationship with our external partners" explains Hager Forum Director Christian Gras. The events were planned jointly with various departments internally (innovation, sustainable development, production team members, representatives of the change management project) to be as inclusive and relevant as possible. Eighteen months after the first event of this type, the participation rate continues to increase, with an average of 190 participants on site per conference at present. "The challenge now is to attract more remote participants to support Hager Forum outside our own walls, via the website that is growing steadily - but not only that", admits Christian Gras.

What's next?
The entire team is extremely committed to continually improving the quality of services and supporting the activities of Hager Group. However there are still a few outstanding issues, such as refining key quality and satisfaction indicators, improving customer experience with ever-greater attention to inter-cultural aspects, space planning, and the international reach of Hager Forum.

Christian Gras is encouraging: "I have every confidence in the team, in its ability to work together with all our internal partners at local and international level.  We must stay the course while continuing to embody and spread the corporate values and culture which continually shine through the various Hager Forum activities.“