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04.07.2018: Hager Forum celebrates its 3-year anniversary.

Obernai, 04.07.2018

Hager Forum, the company in the era of collaboration

For the last three years, Hager Forum has symbolised and supported the transformation of Hager Group. Spotlight on our activities and highlights: internal and external interactions, events, partnerships to develop business, innovation and local commitment... Towards even greater collaboration!

We needed a space to foster meetings and exchanges between members of the Hager community and the outside world. This was the idea of Daniel Hager, CEO of Hager Group, to facilitate the transition to the future, towards a more innovative, more interconnected and collaborative company. This led to the opening of Hager Forum on July 4th 2015. Today, we look back at three years of activity marked by: increased interactions, numerous events, cooperation for innovation and the local community.

Discover the video : 3 years of collaboration at Hager Forum.


A place for customers and employees to exchange ideas and foster collaboration  

In three years, more than 11,000 customers and institutions have come from France, Germany and more than 50 countries to discover the company. "What do we share with our partners as they visit Hager Forum and the Obernai production site? Hager's history, our commitment to quality, which can be seen on our production lines, our innovative solutions and the future development of our brand worldwide" said Valter Moreira, Americas manager, during his visit to the Light and Building 2018.

Another original way to experience Hager's know-how: The Design Team based at Hager Forum has been inviting customers or partners to take part in hands-on workshops since 2016.

Not forgetting the thousands of training sessions and meetings conducted in the fifteen rooms available to customers, employees and training services. 


Events to inspire, share, and collaborate

What could be better than events for meeting, exchanging and celebrating? Hager Group's various departments have used the site to organise all kinds of events: Tech Days, conventions, kick offs, product launches, graduation ceremonies, Young Talent Days and annual international team meetings. It is also the favourite spot for internal networks:corporate women’s network, trainees and apprentices community, etc.

As a true catalyst for change, Hager Forum also hosts conferences and workshops to inspire, experiment and foster innovation. The talks are open to all on-site employees and are available online and offline on hagerforum.com. The latest one, featuring Roger Steare, was part of the Positive Impact Week. "The subject was disconcerting at first because we are not used to considering ethics and business together, especially from a philosophical angle - that's really innovative. There was a questioning and introspection phase, followed by a discussion with the others. It was interesting. We are generally fairly passive in these events, although we did have a relatively interactive role at the previous talk, which was great" enthused one participant after the event.

Twice a year, at the Trend Sessions we explore the future with an expert and anticipate future changes.


A dynamic of openness towards external collaboration

And that's not all! Every now and again events are organised jointly with partners: companies, institutions, networks or associations. Cooperation has started with local youth, environment and culture associations. For example, for the last three years, the Peter-und-Luise Hager Foundation has been supporting a concert at the Obernai Music Festival which takes place inside Hager Forum. This year, art was more present than ever: the statue entitled Mann auf Stier, placed in front of Hager Forum, travelled to Strasbourg city centre as part of the Industrie Magnifique event. This is just one more original way to get in touch with our community.


Links are forged in a great many ways at Hager Forum. The diversity of activities reflects the many interactions taking place between employees, customers, partners and the outside world. This rich diversity augurs well as we move towards a future that remains full of surprises. 


See you soon!