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Obernai, 9th May 2019

Talk: Smart home, how did our homes become smart?

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, our visiting expert on the Internet of Things, presented the key developments in our living places as we move towards smart homes during the April 4th 2019 conference at Hager Forum.
Hager has been present in the smart home market for 20 years, therefore this is one of its strategic business areas.

The concept of the living space and its design are constantly evolving - The main takeaways from the conference

  • The development of the smart home throughout history: What great inventions have made living spaces increasingly smart?
  • Home design: More available space. The interior layout of the home has evolved. Family structures and lifestyles are changing. Everyone needs more privacy. Inventors, engineers and designers are continually facing the challenge of meeting users' needs in a rapidly changing context.
  • Assistance and services: We have a genuine world history of servants, helpers and services. Housework is never really completed, there is always something else to do. Developing the IoT to help humans is based on three conceptual models: the secretary, the waiter and the dog model.
  • Security: Surveillance technologies, voice assistants, connected dolls. Are we fully aware of their consequences and the data models that underlie these products?

Some ways to better understand the progression of the smart home:

Coming soon on www.hagergroup.com/hagerforum: interview with Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino on the future of the smart home

Some questions as a teaser:
What could a smart home look like in 20-30 years' time?
What are the upcoming challenges in terms of energy savings and what solutions could appear in the smart home (in 10 years' time)?
And more ... Stay tuned!

This idea of home-making is never complete. You’re never good enough. You’re never doing enough. And so, you might as well get help. And so now because we feel ambivalent about actually getting a cleaner or an au pair or a nanny, we use “services”.

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino