Sustainable success with E3

Sustainable success with E3

As a value-oriented family business, we always act today in such a way that we can still be successful tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We do this, among other things, by investing in our employees and their training and further education, by continuously optimising our ecological balance sheet, by developing more energy-efficient processes and solutions, and by operating worldwide according to the same high ethical standards. In this way, sustainable decisions and actions help us systematically prevent risks and take advantage of our business opportunities earlier and more intensively. We have summarised explicitly sustainable activities in our Corporate Social Responsibility approach “E3”. It currently covers three core areas of our sustainable activities:


More with less! This is our goal in production planning and optimisation. This means: We are continuously looking for ways to combine more production and turnover with less resource consumption. Currently, 16 of our production facility locations and 4 of our distribution centres are certified to international environmental management standard ISO 14001, which defines globally recognised requirements for environmental management. With our Eco Awards, we reward employee initiatives that help us grow while reducing our environmental footprint.


Ethical principles guide us in our behaviour towards customers, employees and society. One example of this is our Ethics Charter, revised in 2018, which is binding on all employees and helps them to act in accordance with our values in complex situations. Another is the United Nations Global Compact, which we support as a company. We therefore give preference to suppliers and partners who, like us, respect the principles of sustainable development.


In the future, we will network smart buildings with smart grids and smart cities that use energy much more efficiently, environmentally friendly and sensibly than is the case today. With our energy management systems and energy storage systems, we’re helping consumers to continuously adjust their energy consumption to the most favourable electricity rates, use renewable energy sources, and intelligently integrate the energy they generate themselves. In other words: the future of energy use will not only be much smarter and more efficient, but will also be shaped to a large extent by the Hager Group.

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