Worldwide contacts

Worldwide contacts

Worldwide contacts

Expert contacts for Hager Group customers

Leif Hallén

Europe Region, North zone and Sweden

Viggo Paulsen


Rianne van Lieshout

The Netherlands

Sophie Breton

Europe Region, South zone and France

Jean-Marie Doolaege


Paolo Vela

Hager Italy

Gianfranco Ferroni

Bocchiotti Italy

Mario Girotti

Atral Italy

Lluís Garriga


Miguel Soares Franco


Johannes Thomé

Europe Region, East zone and EFEN

Jacek Lubecki


Jurij Kosenko


Mihai-Dan Todor


Hajrudin Ramić

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tamás Ács


Petros Patrikiadis


Thomas Grund

Czech Republic

Torsten Schulz

Region Europe, Zone Mid and Hager Germany

Stephan Kreutzer

Atral Germany

Martin Soder

Europe Region, Central zone and Switzerland

Alexander Rupp


Bruce Davies

Europe Region, West zone and UK

Scott Wright


Jean Schwartzentruber

Europe Region, Commercial segment

Pascal Dubreucq

APAC Region (Asia-pacific, Australia, China)

Dr. Yue Li

China (Pascal Dubreucq acting as)

Atulya Chandra


Chee-Seng Lim

ASEAN Region and Malaysia

Alain Beauparlant


Keith Ho

Hong Kong

Vincent Loo


Ross Magee

APAC Region, Pacific zone and Australia

Vianney Pochon

Americas & MENEAT, MENEAT zone

Roger Claessen

Africa & Near East (AFNE)

Medeni Kahraman


Olivier Laborie

Middle East

Valter Moreira


Larry Darst

North America

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