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François Lhomme, who joined Hager Group in 2006, is one of the new members of the Board of Directors. As Chief Technical Officer he is responsible for technical processes, engineering and value chain.

Our DNA as an industrial company is fundamentally linked to electro-mechanical products. Yet the growing demand for connected devices and smart solutions means that we must extend beyond our technologic foundations to develop and adapt new skills to create innovative, robust Internet of Things devices and connected solutions. Rather than transitioning from a mechanical company to an electronic one, we must combine the strengths we have with newly adapted skills and competencies.

At the same time, our manufacturing and logistics organisation has to be adapted and evolve into an agile industry 4.0 one, with continuously improving competitiveness and performance. Adding new distribution channels to our existing ones with wholesalers and electricians means completely rethinking the entire value chain. The customer is at the heart of everything we do, and as we want to satisfy their existing and even future needs, we will readjust the ways we design, produce and deliver our products, solutions and services.

And, yes, we’re talking about a transformation so huge that to make it a success we will need a mind-set change. On top of this, external partners will be able to assist us in becoming a company as successful in the future as Hager Group has always been.

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